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About Item 9 Labs Corp.


Item 9 Labs Corp. (OTC: INLB) (Item 9 Labs or the Company), a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative cannabis products and proprietary delivery platforms, is an all-encompassing marijuana enterprise that will be in 6 to 10 markets across the United States as marijuana dispensaries, cultivation, and manufacturing facilities by 2019. As a company that upholds the value of a custom/boutique approach, unlike companies that focus on mass production, our goal is to ensure we are capturing each market’s culture with organic practices to provide alternative health solutions. Currently, Item 9 Labs Corp. consists of a variety of brands, all of which encompass our corporate vision to uphold our 5 core competencies which include: Care, Compliance, Customers, Community, and Culture.

Item 9 Labs has a proven track record in manufacturing high-grade medical cannabis and is currently developing an innovative, proprietary intra-nasal delivery system. This progressive approach offers significant health benefits, setting a new benchmark in medicinal cannabis products. Always with the consumer in mind, Item 9 focuses on organic, cost-effective proprietary delivery solutions for whole body health.

Strive Concepts is the company’s softer production brand and “franchise style” dispensary model, that focuses on the incorporation of cannabis into an everyday wellness regimen. Strive also aims to elevate any market we enter by the developing high-quality, precision-tested cannabis products crafted with consistency and adaptability in mind.

Dispensary Permits, the company’s strategic licensing consulting brand, will ensure compliance and continued expansion throughout the U.S. While Dispensary Templates, a subsidiary of Dispensary Permits, is a technology brand with an extensive digital library and resource offered to customers through an online platform.

Mission & Vision

Item 9 Labs Corp is ushering in a new era of wellness by creating comfortable health solutions for the modern consumer. Through the development of innovative products and proprietary delivery platforms, Item 9 Labs seamlessly merges medical cannabis into a lifestyle.

Item 9 Labs will continue developing the luxury cannabis experience making this available to all patients and adult consumers nationwide.  Item 9 Labs will facilitate the national expansion by combining our award-winning manufacturing brand and product offering with the luxury retail and distribution brand of Strive Life.  This powerful combination provides national scalability and brings the highest quality marijuana, product knowledge, and experience of top professionals to consumers and patients.